How to Swap the Position of the Billing with Shipping

There was once a client requested to swap the position of the billing with shipping details, because by default WooCommerce displays the Billing info first. But, the client cares more about the shipping address because that is the most important information he needs for him to ship the products.

The first method that comes out of my mind is changing the template. However, I thought it wasn’t very efficient because these pieces of information can be found in the backend, emails and checkout page, which means you need to change all the templates everytime WooCommerce releases an update for the templates.

Therefore, I have discovered this method below to minimise the time taken. Instead of changing the .php templates, I have used hooks in functions.php to change the text:

Step 1: Use this to change all default woocommerce frontend and backend labels:

Step 2: This to change the text for error messages:

Step 3: Change address on order emails:

Here is the Result:


I believe this post help you to Swap the Position of the Billing with Shipping. Comment out if you have any question.

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