Logged in and Logged out Body Classes

Today I wound up needing a logged-out body class on a WordPress site I’m building. Any individual who has ever coded a WordPress sites has probably included the body_class() capacity to their websites and it would look something like the following:

<body <?php body_class(); ?>>

Well, the body_class() function permits you to effectively include classes specifically into the function like the following:

<body <?php body_class('class-name');?> >

Obviously, using this logic it will add the “Logged-out” class to the body tag on every page/post/custom taxonomy page across my website. You can include other conditional functions to only show the the class name on certain types of pages such as if a post is in a certain category.

// Add specific CSS class by filter
function er_logged_in_filter($classes) {
if( is_user_logged_in() ) {
$classes[] = 'loggedin-product-class';
} else {
$classes[] = 'loggedout-product-class';
// return the $classes array
return $classes;

Sometimes we need to Call Different Body Classes. Like when we want to call a class only who are logged in user and who are visitor or not logged in. We can use the above code in functions.php in wordpress to execute the body classes.

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