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Need simple alternative to redirect your WordPress site URLs? This article will acquaint you with some extremely WordPress Redirection Plugin. These are free URL redirection plugins that will successfully deal with all your URL changes

Broken links can be a fiasco for any blog and it can decimate your remaining in the query items. In this way, it is critical to deal with your wrecked connection so it doesn’t influence affect the overall SEO of your site.

A brisk answer for handle the broken links is to redirect them to the right URL. You can utilize any of the broken links checkers tools to locate the broken links on your site, few plugins are referenced underneath to complete that activity.

You can also use the Google Search Console to find out the broken links. The search console is one of the best tools to find and understand the overall health of your site.

Broken links are commonly the impasse for the guests and it can affect the client’s experience seriously alongside SEO of your site.

Nonetheless, redirection isn’t significant for the broken link the executives however there could be numerous cases when you need to redirect a URL to some other way.

In the event that you change the URL of a current post the primary thing you have to do it to redirect the old URL to the upgraded one generally the old URL will indicate 404 error as it might have already been indexed by Google.

The best part is that there are many free and simple to utilize WordPress plugins that help you to redirect any URL on your site effectively.

In this article, we have secured the best redirection WordPress plugins that will assist you with redirecting any URL to another home.

Before we proceed with the point by point of redirection plugins, how about we comprehend the sorts of redirections.

Types of Redirects

There are various sorts of redirections, for example, permanent redirection just as temporary redirection and all these redirections are characterized with various numbers.

301 Permanent Redirect
301 is one of the most generally utilized redirection types. It’s a permanent redirection for any URL. When you change the URL of any page permanently then you can utilize 301 redirects to send the clients to the new home.

302 Temporary Redirect
As the name recommends, this is a temporary course of action to home somebody. The web crawlers will even now show and file the first URL in this occurrence.

There are various other redirection types, you will get the subtleties here in this post

Top WordPress Redirection Plugins


With over 900k active installations, the redirection module is one of the most broadly utilized plugins by the WordPress sites.

This plugin will consistently keep you informed about the remaining details of your site and ensure that your site is on a more secure side.

Regardless of how little or huge your site is, this module can deal with it successfully. Alongside redirecting your URLs, this module will likewise monitor the 404 blunder on your site with the goal that you can oversee them on schedule.

Another best piece of this module is that it can consequently make a redirect when any of your site’s post or page URL is changed.
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Easy 301 Redirects

As the name recommends, this is a free module to make 301 redirections. Presently, there could be various cases when you might want to redirect a page to an alternate page and afterward this module will be very helpful.

When you do a 301 redirection the backlink juice of the old URL gets moved to the enhanced one. Additionally, the clients locate a related or better substance to peruse.
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Simple 301 Redirects

An exceptionally straightforward 301 redirect module for WordPress. You can utilize this module to redirect your URLs to another page. This module is extremely helpful when you change the general URL structure of your site.

This module has over 300k active installations, so it is another in all respects broadly utilized redirection module for the WordPress sites.
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Last Words
It’s significant for any site to manage the links properly. You should monitor your error pages in the search engine console with the goal that it never leaves hand.

The WordPress Redirection Plugin referenced in this post are adequate to deal with all your URL redirection need.

On the off chance that you know some other plugins that should be referenced in this article, let us know by using the comment form below.

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