How can I Find the Private Keys for SSL certificate?

Private Keys Can be Retrieved in 2 Ways:

  1. Private Keys: Using SSL/TLS
    To find Private Keys On cPanel main page, click SSL/TLS  then Private keys There you will see all the private keys ever generated in your cPanel. To view the code of the key, you can click “View & Edit”. If there are several keys in that menu, you can copy each of them and match with your certificate code using this tool.How-can-I-find-the-private-key-for-my-SSL-certificate-How-to-online-tips
  2. Private Keys: Using File manager
    Click “File manager” on the homepage of your cPanel, then find the folder named “ssl” in the folder tree to the left (see screenshot). That folder will have another one named “key” inside. “Key” folder also contains all the keys generated in your cPanel.How-can-I-find-the-private-key-for-my-SSL-certificate-File-manager-How-to-online-tips


ways to find your private key fully depend on the interface of the web server where you generate the CSR. If the methods described above did not help you find the private key for your certificate, the only solution would be to generate a new CSR/private key pair and reissue your certificate and to make sure that the key is saved on your server/local computer this time.

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